Tape Leaders - A Compendium of Early British Electronic Music Composers - Ian Helliwell

Velocity Press


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Tape Leaders: A Compendium of Early British Electronic Music Composers by Ian Helliwell / ISBN 9781913231125 / 224-page hardcover from Velocity Press (UK)


Tape Leaders is a richly illustrated A-Z compendium featuring over 100 composers active with tape and electronics in the analogue era. Containing information never previously uncovered, it shines a fresh light on many sound experimenters unacknowledged in the history of British electronic music. First published by Sound On Sound Magazine in 2016, this is the first time it’s been available outside their shop.

Tape Leaders is available as a hardback and the 224 pages are printed and bound on heavyweight 130gsm paper. (Note, there's an alternate version with a cd, but only available direct from the British publisher. The copies available in the US only have the book.)

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