The Amazing and True Story of Tooth Mouse Pérez - Ana Cristina Herreros and Violeta Lopiz

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The Amazing and True Story of Tooth Mouse Perez by Ana Cristina Herreros (author) and Violeta Lópiz (illustrator) / ISBN 9781592703593 / 48-page hardcover published in 2023 by Enchanted Lion Books


"Warm, densely textured drawings by Lópiz provide notes of cheery surrealism, as a Tooth Mouse wears a chef’s toque the size of a molar and winged entities dance across the surface of a vinyl record." ―Publishers Weekly

"Pencil-textured illustrations feature Leonni-style mice as well as surprising hiding spots for molars that will keep readers engaged... Offer[s] a whimsical and informative element to the folklore collections of upper elementary libraries." ―School Library Journal

Does every country have a Tooth Fairy? Well, in Spain and other Spanish- speaking countries, it happens to be a Tooth Mouse, and this is his story!

Long ago, throughout the Spanish-speaking world, the Tooth Mouse brought children their permanent teeth, strong and straight as a mouse’s. Tracing the Tooth Mouse’s beginnings through to his descendants, this book artfully weaves the Tooth Mouse’s changing habits as the world industrializes, with the growing independence of the child, as teeth fall out and the child learns to care for themselves.

It’s also a playful, thought-provoking history of our changing world—as even Tooth Mice and children must adapt their customs when faced with the culture-shifting forces of urbanization, migration, and capitalism...

Just remember, magic can always be recovered, and the real gift in losing baby teeth is growing up!

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