The Big Rock Candy Mountain - Kyler Martz



The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Kyler Martz / 46-page hardback, 11.1 x 8.75 inches, published in small batches by the artist / b/w illustrations

I love this book especially because Kyler is working in the styles of the vintage picture books featured extensively on


Childen's book based on the late 19th century hobo song “The Big Rock Candy Mountain.”

Kyler explains: "When the lyrics became public domain, I decided to illustrate them as an homage to my grandpa, who would play and sing the song to me growing up.

"Originally published in 2021 with an expensive cloth cover and gold embossing, I wanted to make this edition a little more sturdy and something you can actually let a kid handle. I actually like this new cover better, as it reflects more of the aesthetic of library books from the 30’s to 50’s that first inspired my love of illustration."

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