The Book of Change

Stephen Ellcock


The Book of Change: Images and Symbols to Inspire Revelations and Revolutions, compiled by Stephen Ellcock / ISBN 9781648960260 / 288-page hardback, 7.35 x 8.5 inches, from Princeton Architectural Press


Stephen Ellcock pairs hundreds of images, icons, and symbols spanning three thousand years of artistic creation with quotes from activists and writers to provoke reflection, revelation, and transformation. This eye-opening compendium highlights the environmental challenges facing our planet and the social injustice rampant in our societies, while offering hope that a better world is within our grasp. The artwork includes archival images from prominent and obscure artists, Renaissance paintings, counter-cultural iconography, documentary photography, and much more. Readers will walk away with new personal revelations that will motivate them to create change in the world.

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