The Book of Rabbit Stories - Tom Seidmann-Freud



Buch der Hasengeschichten (The Book of Rabbit Stories) by Tom Seidmann-Freud / ISBN 9783000560255 / hardcover reprint of this legendary 1924 picture book, published by Bokelberg / text in German

Thank you to my customer Paul for suggesting I import some copies.

Here's what I wrote about the book on 50 Watts a long time ago:

Under the pseudonym Tom Seidmann-Freud—often shortened to just "Tom"—Sigmund Freud's eccentric niece Martha illustrated a series of wonderful children's books in the early twentieth century. She killed herself in 1930 (age 37 or 38), a year after her husband killed himself. This grim ending is not reflected in her dream-like, often whimsical work. ("Whimsically apocalyptic" might be more accurate for the rabbit book.)

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