The Country Road - Regina Ullmann

New Directions


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The Country Road: Stories by Regina Ullmann / ISBN 9780811220057 / 160-page paperback from New Directions


"Ullmann is a one-off, an original, a really deeply peculiar writer." —Michael Hofmann

Lauded by Hesse, Rilke, Musil, and Mann, this is the first book to appear in English by the unique Swiss modernist Regina Ullmann.

Regina Ullmann's work is distinctive and otherworldly, resonant of nineteenth-century village tales and of authors such as Adalbert Stifter and her contemporary Robert Walser. In the stories of The Country Road, largely set in the Swiss countryside, the archaic and the modern collide, and "sometimes the whole world appears to be painted on porcelain, right down to the dangerous cracks." this delicate but fragile beauty, with its ominous undertones, gives Ullmann her unique voice.

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