The Crimson Bears and A Hundred Doors - Tom La Farge

Sun and Moon Classics


The Crimson Bears (1993) and A Hundred Doors (1994): 2 books by Tom La Farge / paperbacks from Sun & Moon Classics / limited stock / In 2022, the Tom La Farge Award was created.


Alice and Edgar, two half-grown bears, set off on a two-month journey by foot to see the world and visit their uncle, Claudio, a ruler of sorts. When the siblings arrive, they discover Claudio's kingdom under threat of attack; he intends to send them home but they accidentally evade him and their porcupine nursemaid, and undergo a sequence of adventures reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.


In A Hundred Doors, part two of The Crimson Bears, the young naive bears, Edgar and Alice, find themselves trapped and forced to serve in the civil war being fought out across the animal metropolis of Bargeton.

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