The Decadent Gardener

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The Decadent Gardener by Medlar Lucan and Durian Gray / ISBN 9781873982822 / paperback from Dedalus Books (UK)


"Following the success of The Decadent Cookbook, this is another generous dose of decadent writing, arranged in sections such as the erotic garden, the cruel garden, the fatal garden, the garden of oblivion. Contents include a guide to poisonous plants, Octave Mirbeau's Torture Garden, Edgar Alan Poe on being buried alive (a remote gardening hazard), and Lord Rochester's Farce of Sodom or The Quintessence of Debauchery (printed 1689, incinerated 1690)."--Phil Baker in The Sunday Times

"The only gardening book you will ever need."--Nicholas Lezard (a bit tongue-in-cheek!)

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