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The Dedalus Book of Surrealism: The Identity of Things / Dedalus Books UK / these are unread copies but from 1993 and hence show minor bumps, paper toning, and scuffs / a lot of the material only exists in English in this collection


In the the public mind surrealism is associated primarily with its visual imagery: and this has served to obscure the richness of surrealist contributions in other spheres. This has been particularly so in respect of its rich storytelling tradition...Surrealism draws on older traditions of storytelling, most notably the fairy tale and the Gothic seeks to capture the mysterious essence of reality and to embody myth and the forces set free by desire.

"The range is impressive, and includes several women...Gisele Prassinos...Leonora Carrington and Meret Oppenheim; contemporary writers like Rikki Ducornet. Richardson makes available in English several early treasures, such as Salvador Dali's Reverie and Pierre Unik's Long Live the Bride, a wonderful tale of mistaken identity and metonymical transfer of meaning." --Fiona Bradley in the Times Literary Supplement

"'I went to fetch my car, but my chauffeur, who has no sense at all, had just buried it,' writes Leonora Carrington in this captivating collection of tales from 17 languages."--The Observer

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