The Dolls Weekly and the Crawlee Things - Rory Hayes



The Dolls Weekly and the Crawlee Things by Rory Hayes / ISBN 9782375430217 / 270-page paperback, 6.25 x 9.25 inches, published by Picturebox & United Dead Artists / I was very surprised to be able to stock some copies of this 2012 collection of deranged comics


The unpublished early drawings of underground comics legend Rory Hayes mixing horror and psychedelia.

Produced between 1962 and 1970, these 270 page of unpublished drawings came out of the crypt thanks to PictureBox, UDA and collector Glenn Bray. Drawn in pencil and never intended for publication, The Dolls Weekly and the Crawlee Things features posters for 8-millimeter films real (40 made and lost) and imagined; never-printed horror comics complete with covers and interiors; and private magazines such as The Dolls Weekly. This work is as compelling as his later underground comics — Hayes was deep into a private language unlike any other.

Rory Hayes (1949-1983) was active from the end of the Sixties until the beginning of the Seventies. His works were published in magazines such as Weirdo, Arcade, Snatch Comics, or in his own famous magazine Bogeyman.

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