The Drowning Pool - Ross Macdonald

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The Drowning Pool by Ross Macdonald / 225-page paperback published in 2023 in the Penguin Modern Classics Crime & Espionage Series


'The new crime and espionage series from Penguin Classics makes for a mouth-watering prospect' Daily Telegraph

Maude Slocum is in trouble. But luckily trouble is Investigator Lew Archer's business.

A well-dressed, wealthy woman has arrived at Archer's L.A. office, having intercepted a poison pen letter accusing her of adultery. Reluctantly agreeing to help her find the culprit, he dives into the Slocums' moneyed, oil-rich California world. But when Maude's mother-in-law is found dead in the swimming pool, secrets come to the surface too. For the urbane, world-weary Archer, a case of blackmail soon becomes murder.

'The American private eye, immortalized Hammett, refined by Chandler, brought to its zenith by Macdonald...' New York Times Book Review

Ross Macdonald's books include The Underground Man, The Goodbye Look, The Chill and The Galton Case, and other works of hard-boiled Californian crime. MacDonald served as president of the Mystery Writers of America in 1965, received the Silver Dagger in 1964 and the Gold Dagger in 1965 from The British Crime Writers Association, and in 1981, received The Eye, the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Private Eye Writers of America.

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