The Empty Space

Marianna Sztyma


The Empty Space by Marianna Sztyma / ISBN 9781592703180 / a haunting 32-page hardcover picture book from Centrala (UK)


A story of a girl experiencing a loss after the death of her animal.

Empty space cannot be drowned in tears, you cannot pretend it is not there. You can only tame it.

"With it’s (literally) eye catching cover, The Empty Space intrigues with a mainly blank white image... The book doesn’t end on a sad note, more one of recognition that time affects one’s sense of loss, and while possibly never leaving, diminishes its potency." -- Derek Brazell

Marianna Sztyma (born 1973) is a painter and illustrator. Most of her work is in commercial illustration. She likes making illustrations for children. She draws comics and designs covers. She lives in a village in the mountains. When she’s not drawing, she’s petting cats and dogs.

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