The Fox and the Hare - Yuri Norstein

Rovakada Publishing


The Fox and the Hare by Vladimir Dal, with illustrations by Francesca Yarbusova, based on an animated film by Yuri Norstein / ISBN 9780984586714 / 48-page hardcover, 8.5 x 12 inches, from Rovakada Publishing [unread copies of an out-of-print book]


"'The Fox and the Hare' is Yuri Norstein's take on an old Russian folk tale and as in all of his films, we are pulled into the characters' lives through the beautiful simplicity of the character designs, done by the artist Francesca Yarbusova. They create personalities full of soul and emotion. I've always admired Yuri for his honesty and absolute devotion to the art of animation and his talent of creating an enchanted and very unique world for each of his masterpieces. I like to take time and study his beautiful graphics, discovering new details each time I look at them." --Helena Giersz, Designer/Co-creator of Nickelodeon series Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go, Founder of Funline Animation, Inc.

The Fox and the Hare is a Russian folk tale retold by Vladimir Dal. This book is based on Francesca Yarbusova's sketches for the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein.

This beautiful tale is a simple story about the insidious Fox who takes over the Little Hare's house when her own palace of ice melts in the Spring. After enlisting the help of several animals, still the ferocious fox remains in the Little Hare's house. Is there anyone who can help him?

Vladimir Dal (Dahl) was one of the greatest Russian language lexicographers. During his lifetime he compiled and documented the oral history of the region that was later published in Russian and became part of modern folklore. Francesca Yarbusova is an award-winning artist, the wife and collaborator of Yuri Norstein. The successes of their films are as much her accomplishments as they are Norstein's. Exhibitions of her artworks successfully showed in museums in Russia, France, Japan, etc. She is the recipient of the Great Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Art.

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