The Golden Asse (Calla Illustrated Edition)

Lucius Apuleius, Jean de Bosschere


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The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius, illustrated by Jean de Bosschère / ISBN 9781606600931 / 282-page hardback published by Calla Editions


Written in the second century A.D., this picaresque classic is the ancient world's only surviving complete novel. Concerning an inquisitive young man transformed into an ass by a magic potion, the narrative digresses into other tales of love, intrigue, and witchcraft ― a story-within-a-story technique that inspired many later authors, including Boccaccio, Cervantes, and Rabelais. This lavish hardcover edition reproduces the John Lane/Bodley Head version, first published in London in 1923. William Adlington's highly readable 16th-century translation from Latin to English is enhanced by 16 full-page plates, eight in color, and numerous black-and-white images by noted illustrator Jean de Bosschère.

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