The Invisible Harvest - Bethany van Rijswijk

Broccoli Mag

$24.95 $28.00

The Invisible Harvest: A Microhistory of Heretical Herbs by Bethany van Rijswijk / 80-page paperback, 5.8 x 8 inches, published by Broccoli Mag


In this intoxicating collection of five essays on poisonous and psychoactive plants and fungi, Bethany van Rijswijk gathers hidden histories overlooked in the scholar’s harvest. Through otherworldly original collages and deep critical engagement with obscure tales of visionary sacraments, owl-chemists, fairy forts, forking paths, vermicular angels, dancing plagues, mushroom cults, and shamanic remnants, she reveals a magic that opens passageways to contrary states of being and thinking—if only we are bold enough to embrace them.

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