The Jinx - Theophile Gautier

Hesperus Press


The Jinx by Theophile Gautier / ISBN 9781843910206 / discounted paperback with flaps, with light wear only


A painter who became a novelist, Théophile Gautier formulated the notion of “art for art’s sake.” In this literary gem, the gaze is the central character as the eye of the beholder turns deadly. Paul d’ Aspremont, on holiday in Italy, meets his fiancée in all but name, a young English girl named Alicia Ward. What begins as an urbane and courtly affair descends into a Gothic nightmare as Paul is revealed to possess the “evil eye,” a jinx that kills all those he befriends. Novelist, poet, and critic, Théophile Gautier was a key figure in the Romantic movement in France.

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