The Little Wolves - Svenja Herrmann and Jozef Wilkon

NorthSouth Books


The Little Wolves by Svenja Herrmann, illustrated by Józef Wilkon / ISBN 9780735843974 / 40-page hardcover, about 9.75 x 10 inches, from NorthSouth Books.

I'm happy to be able to stock an in-print book by this Polish illustration legend.


A journey of discovery through the nocturnal forest!

While mother wolf is on the hunt, her four little wolves venture out of their burrows for the first time to find a night filled with new scents and promises.

After befriending a hedgehog, discovering their own reflections, and escaping from a hunter they are happy to return home when their mother calls.

The newly written text by Svenja Herrmann complements the magical illustrations by Józef Wilkon.

Józef Wilkon was born in Bogucice, Poland. He studied painting and art history in Krakow. In Poland he is considered one of the most famous illustrators of books for children and adults. Józef Wilkon draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, such as the folk art of his homeland and ancient Greek paintings. There is also a walk-in ark among his sculptures. He lives with his son Piotr near Warsaw.

Svenja Herrmann was born in 1973 in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in the canton of Zug. Svenja studied German literature, legal history and constitutional law and today works as a writer. For many years she has worked in education, where she has been inspiring children and adolescents in literature. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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