The Living Stone - Stories of Uncanny Sculpture, 1858-1943

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The Living Stone - Stories of Uncanny Sculpture, 1858-1943, edited by Henry Bartholomew / ISBN 9781912766765 / 218-page paperback published in 2023 by Handheld Classics (UK)


Handheld Press presents a fearful anthology of forgotten stories to persuade you that a stone hand has been placed on your shoulder when you least expect it, or that something heavy is scraping its way up the stairs. Well-known authors of the uncanny such as Eleanor Scott, Edith Wharton, H P Lovecraft and Arthur Machen are showcased with long-forgotten masters and mistresses of supernatural short stories to frighten the heart into some loud thumpings.

Authors include: Sabine Baring-Gould, E F Benson, Nellie K Blissett, Bernard Capes, James Causey, Robert W Chambers, N Dennett, W W Fenn, H P Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, W C Morrow, Oliver Onions, E R Punshon, Eleanor Scott, Clark Ashton Smith, and Edith Wharton.

Henry Bartholomew, editor of our Algernon Blackwood anthology, The Unknown (March 2023), has curated this selection and written the Introduction. The Living Stone will be the ninth of the Handheld Weirds: landmark anthologies to redefine the birth of Weird fiction.

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