The Parrot and the Merchant (discounted) - Marjan Vafaeian

Tiny Owl Press

$11.95 $16.99

The Parrot and the Merchant, a tale by Rumi, retold and illustrated by Marjan Vafaeian / ISBN 9781910328033 / 24-page hardcover from Tiny Owl Press in the UK (discounted but in very good condition)


The Parrot and the Merchant is a touching exploration of love and freedom, based on a tale by Rumi.

This exquisitely illustrated story is an enchanting fable exploring how hard it is to give something you love freedom. The merchant Mah Jahan loves to keep colorful birds in cages, especially a parrot who can talk to her.

But when the parrot asks her to bring something back from her trading trip to India, Mah Jahan learns a valuable lesson about how to treat the things and people you love.

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