The Rooftop (discounted) - Fernanda Trias

Charco Press

$12.95 $15.95

The Rooftop by Fernanda Trias, translated by Annie McDermott / ISBN 9781913867041 / 112-page paperback with flaps from Charco Press (Edinburgh) / brand new copies discounted due to some shelfwear


In a rundown apartment building, in an unnamed city in Uruguay, a father and daughter close themselves off from the world. ‘The world is this house’, says Clara, and the rooftop becomes their last recess of freedom. A pet canary is their only witness.

As Clara’s connection to the outside is stripped away―the neighbor who stops coming by, the lover whose existence is only known by a pregnancy―desperation and paranoia take hold. It's a stifling embrace, and we are there with her, our narrator, dreading what we know the future holds.

Considered to be one of the authors forming part of the 'new Latin American Boom’ of women writers, Fernanda Trías (Uruguay, 1976) is without doubt one of the most prominent literary voices in today’s River Plate region and in all of Latin America. Her books have been published in Spain as well as in Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, and also in France. However, none of her books have have appeared in English until now.

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