The Sea - Piret Raud

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The Sea by Piret Raud / ISBN 9780500652138 / 32-page hardcover, 7.8 x 9.6 inches, from Thames & Hudson


A surreal and magical story by Estonia’s leading children’s book creator about the importance of bedtime stories.

The Sea loves her family and everyone in it―the fish, the star fish, the turtles, the worms―and her family loves her back. The only problem is . . . they are so loud! So, the Sea takes a vacation to clear her head and enjoy some peace and quiet. In her absence the fish run amok, loving their newfound freedom, but they soon realize that their favorite part of the day is missing: there’s no one to read them a bedtime story. Enter a very naughty cat with ill intentions who promises to read to them. Once the sea animals realize their mistake, their tears bring back their mother and she promises to teach them to read so they can always enjoy a bedtime story.

Illustrated in Piret Raud’s fun, quirky style and imaginatively told with her characteristic wit, this book is an appealing and humorous tale sure to delight children and adults alike.

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