The Sea-Rabbit - Wendy Walker

Sun and Moon Classics


The Sea-Rabbit: Or, The Artist of Life by Wendy Walker / ISBN 9781557130013 / 272-page paperback from Sun & Moon Classics (new copies from the 1995 printing - light signs of age wear)


Reading these nine masterful tales, one feels as if one has uncovered a wondrous long-hidden manuscript; as if the Grimm brothers’ tales had been transcribed by Emily Dickinson, or as if Rimbaud had taken up fable-writing.

A young peasant lad outwits a murderous princess by transforming himself into a small, dazzling beast; a princess’ s suitor uncovers the secret of how she and her sisters wear out their dancing slippers each night; a young woman renowned for her cleverness discovers the dangers of too much foresight; the saints of a cathedral debate with the gargoyles on the spires concerning the design of the church. Walker plays with our foreknowledge of these ancient tales—her surpassingly rich description and fantastic, eccentric plottings create some of the most original stories of our time.

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