The Shining - A Visual and Cultural Haunting

Craig Oldham (editor)


The Shining: A Visual and Cultural Haunting, edited by Craig Oldham and published in 2022 by Rough Trade Books / ISBN 9781914236167 / a big box of ephemera / tiny dent in box 


This loose-leafed boxed publication—disguised as the ‘writing project’ Jack is typing throughout the course of the film—explores the film’s cultural legacy through exclusive essays, original recollections, contributions from cultural luminaries, and printed ephemera. At almost 400 pages this publication consists of numerous ‘chapters’ made in multiple formats—glossy pamphlets, image-rich booklets, a haunted hotel scrapbook, and over 120 loose-leaf typewritten papers. Rare, exclusive interviews with lead actors Shelley Duvall (Wendy Torrance) and Dan Lloyd (Danny Torrance), along with a wealth of contributors including Cosey Fanni Tutti, Margaret Howell, James Lavelle (UNKLE), Gavin Turk and John Grindrod re-examine the film through the lenses of music, art, mythology, fashion, gender, and more.

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