The Smallest Elephant in the World - Alvin Tresselt and Milton Glaser

Enchanted Lion Books


The Smallest Elephant in the World by Alvin Tresselt, illustrated by Milton Glaser / ISBN 9781592702619 / a 40-page hardcover reprint from Enchanted Lion Books


Mocked throughout the jungles of India, the smallest elephant in the world—no bigger than a house cat—has decided enough is enough and that if he’s no bigger than a house cat, then a house is where he belongs!

After a long journey, this smallest elephant in the world finds himself a home with a nice little boy inside. Unfortunately, the boy’s mother doesn’t believe elephants make suitable house pets… First published in 1959, The Smallest Elephant in the World, written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Milton Glaser, is a witty, sweet, and funny tale of friendship, unlikely disguise, and the search for home.

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