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The Society of Time: The Original Trilogy and Other Stories (British Library Science Fiction Classics) by John Brunner / ISBN 9780712353823 / 286-page paperback


Drifting through a party celebrating 400 years since the Spanish Armada's successful invasion of Britain, Don Miguel Navarro – Licentiate of the Society of Time – is shaken by the host's possession of a flawless mask from an ancient Aztec festival. 'Imported' from the past, the discovery signals a breach in the Society's policing of time-travel and imminent danger to reality itself. Today, a relic out of time; tomorrow, the rewriting of the course of history? In three ground-breaking novellas, John Brunner weaves an ingenious tale of diverging timelines and a battle for dominance over the fourth dimension. The Society of Time stories were abridged when first collected. Here, the trilogy is reprinted in full along with two mesmerising standalone novellas: The Analysts and Father of Lies.

John Brunner (1934–1995) was a prolific author of novels and short stories, predominantly in the genre of science fiction. Known today for the Hugo Award-winning Stand on Zanzibar and The Sheep Look Up, some of Brunner’s finest work remains his novellas written for science fiction magazines.

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