The Three Water Drop Brothers - Lee Eun-hee and Yoon Mi-sook

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The Three Water Drop Brothers by Lee Eun-hee and Yoon Mi-sook / ISBN 9781592703234 / 40-page hardcover from Enchanted Lion


Graphically gorgeous, with sweetness and flair, this is a book to get any kid hooked on the wonders of the water cycle!

A long, long time ago, when the earth was extremely hot, a huge amount of vapor was released, creating clouds. As the clouds got bigger and heavier, it started to rain. Three of those raindrops were brothers who came down to cool the hot earth and traveled, as water does, to every corner of the earth, including apartment building pipes and muddy rivers. Written by a scientist, this is a great book for all curious children and budding young explorers.

Lee Eun-hee studied Biology at university and has a master's degree in neurobiology. She works as a newspaper columnist and was awarded South Korea's Science & Technology Book Award in 2003.

In 2004, Yoon Mi-sook was the first Korean illustrator to win the Bologna Book Fair Ragazzi Award for her work Red Bean Porridge and a Tiger. Yoon likes creating images through lithography, which allows expression using soft and light lines.

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