The Unreliable Nature Writer - Claire Carroll

Scratch Books


The Unreliable Nature Writer by Claire Carroll / ISBN 9781739830182 / 264-page paperback published in 2024 by Scratch Books (UK)


The Unreliable Nature Writer is the eagerly-awaited debut collection of exhilarating, macabre and dreamy short stories from Claire Carroll.

Shortlisted for The White Review Prize and winner of the Short Fiction Wild Writing Prize, Carroll portrays an unsettlingly hot, vaguely familiar world of humans facing the strain of intimate and global anxieties – trying to live alongside new technologies, failing environments and unknowable natural crises.

Delightful to read and unsettling to imagine, these are haunting stories about love, loss, strangely-exposing housing applications and cows.

“Ominous yet deeply tender, surreal yet undeniable. I could not look away.”--Saba Sams

“Brilliant. A playful and witty take on our relationship with the natural world.”--Irenosen Okoji

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