They Live - A Visual and Cultural Awakening

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They Live: A Visual and Cultural Awakening. Various Authors. Foreword by John Carpenter & Edited by Craig Oldham / ISBN 9781912722181 / 170 page paperback, about 8 x 11 inches


Written and directed by filmmaker John Carpenter, They Live (1988) is a cult classic. Despite being dismissed by critics at the time, the film has since earned a reputation for its political satire, social commentary, philosophical and technological forecasting, and visual aesthetics. Conceived by designer Craig Oldham, this publication is a celebration of the films significance today, and explores its influences, inspiration, and ideas, as well as its unnervingly topical social, cultural, and political relevance. From the Matrix films, popular 80s nostalgia, and conspiracy theories, to rampant consumerism and fake news, They Live resonates in our world today, perhaps now more than ever.

— Designed as a replica of the original film prop, including all the infamous commands

— Original short-story in full by Ray Nelson

— Comic Book adaptation in full by Ray Nelson and Bill Wray

— Original contributions from John Grant, Slavoj Zizek, Shepard Fairey, Roger Luckhurst, and Brandalism

— Rare and unseen archive material exploring the film’s genesis

— Specialist glyph typeface of the alien language (Formaldehyde-face)

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