This Planet Is Doomed: The Science Fiction Poetry of Sun Ra

Sun Ra


124-page paperback from Kicks/Norton Records


"I'm a troubleshooter for the cosmos," said Sun Ra, "sent here by the outer space beings from my home planet, Saturn."

This Planet Is Doomed serves up a traumatic torrent of future shock--deeply personal and critical commentary and unsettling advice to the people of Earth, who fail to acknowledge this planet's role in the universe. It was collected from tape recordings and transcriptions culled from the Sun Ra Archives by director Michael Anderson, who worked with Norton Records to compile a total of six albums -- three collections of rare and unissued music recordings (on LP and CD) plus a trio (vinyl only) of unissued spoken word Sun Ra LP's. This Planet Is Doomed was expanded with the addition of several key 'lost' poems which appear here for the first time." 124 pages; softcover.

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