Umetaro Azechi - Works

Japanese Publication


Umetaro Azechi - Works / ISBN 9784635770156 / A small 90-page hardcover of works by this excellent Japanese printmaker (1902-1999) / text in Japanese (but there's hardly any text)


From wikipedia:

Azechi became known for his paintings of mountains and the people who live there. He became a regular mountain climber, and became well-known for his writing on the topic. His art style was primitive, but intentionally so in the same way as the naive artists. He used the same striped patterns on both people and animals, showing the similarities between the two. Because he did so many landscapes and art depicting the natural world, he used mostly cool colors like blues, greens, and purples.

Museums that hold Azechi's works include the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the British Museum.

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