Undefined Boundary - The Journal of Psychick Albion - Vol. 1 Issue 1

Temporal Boundary Press


Undefined Boundary: The Journal of Psychick Albion. Vol. 1 Issue 1, published by Temporal Boundary Press in the UK / 112 page paperback, 5.75 x 8.25 inches.


From William Blake to Julian Cope, there have been innumerable seers who have engaged with their British locales in modes of hallucinatory intensity. These visionaries reassert a radical potentiality to the question of Albion which remains perpetually relevant. Undefined Boundary will explore this psychedelic and numinous underbelly of British culture with a view to keeping the sacred flame alive.


Gog, Magog and the Stubborn Illusion: The enduring resonance of Andrew Sinclair’s ‘Albion Triptych’ by Andrew Hedgecock

Shadows: The Dark Streets of Kimballs Green by Paul Bareham

A Lady on a White Horse by Nigel Wilson

Ponderings Upon Paul Nash, The Ancient Soul With A Surrealist Heart by Rebecca Lambert

The Magical Praxis and Politics of Penda’s Fen by Duncan Barford

The Sick Rose: Magic/k is the Opium of the Middle-Classes by Patrick Weir

Crab & Bee’s Provisional Demononology of Old Quarries and Suburban Woods by Helen Billinghurst & Phil Smith

“…tomorrow will be beyond imagining.” - The solstice and Susan Cooper by Karen F. Pierce

In A Remote County by Mark Valentine

Alex Sanders: A Liminal Discography by Stephen Canner

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