Undefined Boundary - The Journal of Psychick Albion - Vol. 1 Issue 2

Temporal Boundary Press


Undefined Boundary: The Journal of Psychick Albion. Vol. 1 Issue 2, published by Temporal Boundary Press in the UK / 170 page paperback, 5.75 x 8.25 inches.


Second issue of the new journal dedicated to the psychedelic, numinous, and wyrd underbelly of British culture. Considerably bigger than the first issue.

"A Britain where Tory aristocracy is not the norm, where the spirit of anarchic magic and rebellious art are the guiding principles – a Psychick Albion in place of a 'Great' Britain"


Halloween III: The Season of the Witch by Phil Smith

John Akomfrah’s Hauntology of the Archive by Justin Hopper

Albion Restored by Jason Whittaker

Scrag by Ethan Pennell

Interview with Stephen Harwood

Conversations With A Genius Loci by Nick Ford

The Spectre of Trauma in the Myth of Psychick Albion by George Parr

Current 93 and Hauntology by Steven Klett

The Cup, The Horse, The King by Stephen Canner

Interview with Bill Nelson

Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill’s Tempest #4 by Bobby K

The Tregerthen Horror Revisited by Carl Taylor

The Goose, The Crow and The Mysteries by John Constable

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