Undefined Boundary - Daughters of Psychick Albion - Vol. 2 Issue 1

Temporal Boundary Press


Undefined Boundary: Daughters of Psychick Albion. Vol. 2 Issue 1, published by Temporal Boundary Press in the UK / 132 page paperback, 5.75 x 8.25 inches.


More reflections on Albion's wyrd underbelly. This issue of Undefined Boundary is a special themed issue on the Daughters of Psychick Albion.


‘Many Wonderous Revelations’: In the Footsteps of Three Daughters of Psychick Norfolk by Sally Huxtable

Theo Brown: Folklore, Dartmoor, and the Underworld by Stephen Canner

Ithell Colquhoun: Following the Ancient Scent by Lally Macbeth

The curious case of Gladys Mitchell by Hazel Smoczynska

Catherine Blake by Linda Landers

“Two Steps On The Water” – Folk Horror and the work of Kate Bush by Daniel Pietersen

Dame Julian of Norwich and a Medieval Shamaness' Sickness by Nick Ford

Giants Grave, Chalk Queens and Reality Checkpoint: locating memory and myth in the hinterlands of Cambridge by Helen Billinghurst

Gwendolen McBryde: Ever in the Shadow by Rosemary Pardoe

Fatal to Prejudice: Personal reflections on the work and wanderings of two daughters of Albion, Angela Carter and Leonora Carrington - by Andrew Hedgecock

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