Valvoline Story (Italian edition)

Coconino Press


Valvoline Story / ISBN 9788876182563 / 112-page used paperback, text in Italian / in nice condition except for a corner crease/dent at the bottom right on the pages (does not interfere with reading) / published in 2014 by Coconino Press, reprinting lots of images from the 80s series of Valvoline Motorcomics.

From lambiek: "In 1981 Igort launched the independent magazine Il Pinguino Guadalupa with a group of post-punk authors like Daniele Brolli, Roberto Baldazzini, Lorenzo Mattotti and Giorgio Carpinteri. Accompanied by Marcello Jori and Jerry Kramsky, the young artists eventually teamed up in the avant-gardistic art group Valvoline in 1982. They had their first manifestations in the pages of the Linus supplement Alter with the 'magazine within a magazine' Valvoline Motorcomics, and then with their own section in Frigidaire. Later contributors to the group's productions were Massimo Mattioli and the American Charles Burns, who resided in Rome at the time. Valvoline marked a turning point in the world of international comics. The experimental artists mixed old genres and techniques and reformed them into new narratives. Their work even ran in Art Spiegelman's RAW anthology."

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