We Who Are About To...

Joanna Russ


We Who Are About To... by Joanna Russ, intro by Hari Kunzru / 128-page paperback in the Penguin Worlds series / ISBN 9780241253748 / cover design by La Boca


Penguin reissues a work of classic science fiction from the revolutionary author of The Female Man - with a new introduction by Hari Kunzru

An explosion in space, a starship stranded at the end of the universe, a group of strangers alone in a barren, alien wilderness. Facing almost certain death, the human survivors of a deep-space crash are determined to ignore the odds and colonize an inhospitable planet, recreating a civilization like the one they have lost forever. Only one woman rejects this path, choosing instead a daring and desperate alternative: to practice the art of dying. But her fellow passengers require her reproductive skills for their survival plan, and they are prepared to impose their regime by force if necessary...

Joanna Russ offers an electrifying, original and challenging exploration of individual freedom, power, and our most primitive will to live.

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