Wont 2 Cant - Part II - Ian Mackay and Gavin Owens

Cold Cube Press


Wont 2 Cant: Part II, a graphic novel by Ian Mackay and Gavin Owens / 76-page paperback, 8 x 10 inches, risograph printed in black, orange, and mint / published 2023 by Cold Cube Press.


Our hero Harold finds himself in the middle of the rowdy peasant uprising he unwittingly instigated in Part I. They march with plans to destroy the Abbey, unaware that the sphere elite have machinations of their own: the Abbot has set the stage for a physical fitness bonanza, while the Duke and Duchess have enlisted the services of the Knight to defend their properties and holdings. All signs point to a confrontation at Duke’s Outpost: what will Harold do when he must finally choose a side?

“A masterclass in cartooning and storytelling, this is even better than part I!” -Cold Cube Press

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