The Decline of Mall Civilization (signed copies) - Michael Galinsky



The Decline of Mall Civilization, 2nd edition, photography book by Michael Galinsky / 112-page hardback, 9.25 x 12.25 inches, published in 2023 by Rumur / the photographer signed and doodled on the title pages of these copies


Story by Michael Galinsky: In 2010, I found a box of color slides from a project I shot in 1989. It was the first photo project I ever did and it began in a color printing class... It was a strange trip. This was before the internet, so we had no real way to research our travel. We just hit the road and stopped whenever we saw a mall or visited one that someone suggested. We went to about 15 malls in all.... The slides went into a box, and it was 20 years before I found them again.

In 2011, I put some of the images online and they went viral. I quickly started a kickstarter (with way too small of a budget), and raised funds to make a book. In the meantime, the designer Peter Miles came forward to help design the book and publish it on his imprint on Steidl (a very important photo book company). It took a couple of years to get it done, but the backers of that project who paid something like 30 dollars, including shipping, now have a book worth about 25 times that amount. It never reached stores because it sold out online.

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