The Language of Bugs - Zhu Yingchun

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The Language of Bugs by Zhu Yingchun / ISBN 9781851498857 / 334-page paperback, 5.4 x 7.4 inches, published by ACC Art Books / a fascinating object, highly recommended (especially if you're interested in asemic writing... Mirtha Dermisache would approve of this book)


Unique contemporary art book by Chinese artist and book designer Zhu Yingchun created using the natural characters and movements of insects / Silver medal winner, Most Beautiful Books in the World awards

This award-winning contemporary art book is made completely from the perspective and language of bugs, from the front page to the final chapter, with no human writing and text, only the "writing" of bugs. Inspired by the marks left behind by a cicada walking across his sketchbook, contemporary artist Zhu Yingchun placed boards and "ink ponds" of dark-colored vegetable juices in his garden for the bugs to crawl through. The resulting marks, were thousands of twisted characters, each with a charm of its own - the language of the bugs. The accompanying booklet explains the artist's concept and QR code links the reader to a video of the process.

"The bugs seem insignificant, but their strokes are beautiful," says Zhu Yingchun. "Art is not just those pieces hanging on walls and placed in exhibition halls. Everything in the world, including every life in nature, has the power to create beauty, and art is all around us.

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