Elisabeth Ivanovksy art book - Georges Meurant

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Elisabeth Ivanovksy: Sur la page blanche, tout est possible / by Georges Meurant / ISBN 9782352893189 / a 224-page paperback with flaps, 8.4 x 10 inches, published by Editions Memo (who also publish Les Images Libre)

Text in French, but illustrated in color throughout. Another lovely book from Editions Memo celebrating an influential illustrator.


Using Google Translate:

This book brings together the most beautiful examples of Elisabeth Ivanovsky's illustrations for books for children and adults, but also nature studies and work carried out at La Cambre, most of them unpublished. Georges Meurant, her youngest son, retraces here in parallel the extraordinary journey of an artist born in 1910 in the Russian Empire, but who lived and worked in Brussels most of her life. This monograph presents the work in its astonishing diversity.

Elisabeth Ivanovsky (1910-2006) was born in Kichineff, in what is now Moldova. From childhood, she illustrated little tales that she linked. She joined the Kichineff School of Arts, whose teaching is based on the theories of structuralism. She completely adheres to these ideas, which break with everything that art was before the revolution, and strives to follow them. Preferring Brussels to Paris, she continued her studies at La Cambre from 1932, a school operating on the Bauhaus model. Elisabeth Ivanovsky contributed to the development of children's books in Belgium, where it was not until the 1930s that real production emerged. In 1937, Elisabeth Ivanovsky met the poet René Meurant. They published the Pomme d'Api collection together with Éditions des Artistes, a huge commercial success. She illustrated more than 300 children's books while continuing her artistic experiments.

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