Fearsome Fairies - Haunting Tales of the Fae

British Library

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Fearsome Fairies: Haunting Tales of the Fae, edited by Elizabeth Dearnley / ISBN 9780712354301 / 336-page hardback published by the British Library


The enormous fascination with fairies in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries popularized depictions of benevolent, butterfly-winged beings and glittering pantomime figures. But the fae have always had a more sinister side. Taking inspiration from folk tales and medieval legends, the works of weird tale and ghost story writers such as Arthur Machen, M. R. James, Angela Carter and Charlotte Riddell show that fairies, goblins and other supernatural entities could be something far more unsettling.

Delving into a frightening realm of otherworldly creatures from banshees to changelings, this new collection of stories revives and revels in the fearsome power of the fairy folk.

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