Going Home - Seymour Chwast



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Going Home by Seymour Chwast / ISBN 9781662651427 / 40-page hardcover, 6.25 x 6.25 inches, published in 2023 by mineditionUS


Getting lost is a matter of perspective in this clever picture book about a dog making his way home—with help from new friends—after a gust of wind blows him halfway across the world!

In this charmingly illustrated picture book for ages 3 to 6, a dog is blown away by a rogue gust of wind, sent far away while he’s in the middle of his bath with his owner. As the dog finds his way back home, he makes new friends all over the world who offer timely and generous help. Like all of Chwast’s stories, there is a truth hidden in its goofball premise: that if you keep your head on you and are willing to ask for help, all sorts of good folks may come to your aid.

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