Witches - The Complete Collection (light wear) - Daisuke Igarashi

Seven Seas

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Witches: The Complete Collection by Daisuke Igarashi / ISBN 9781648278396 / 392-page paperback from Seven Seas / new copy but discounted because of light cover wear from inbound shipping


An omnibus of award-winning interwoven tales of witchcraft from the critically acclaimed creator of Children of the Sea.

On a visit to a city in the far west of Asia, a British girl named Nicola falls in love. The object of her affection is Mimar, a man who works at the city's bazaar--yet despite her attempts, he turns her down. Upon returning home to England, the ache of her unrequited love festers. After years spent obtaining wealth, fame, and the Secret of the World, Nicola returns to the bazaar to exact her deadly revenge upon Mimar and those he holds dearest.

This story is one of many in this haunting collection that features tales of witches and dark magic set around the globe and in outer space. Winner of the Excellence Prize at the 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival, Witches is written and illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi, the critically acclaimed author of Children of the Sea.

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