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Emma Kohlmann: Watercolors / ISBN 9781944860493 / 332-page hardback, 10 x 12 inches, published in 2024 by Anthology Editions


The first comprehensive book from the acclaimed artist, featuring a decade's worth of astonishing and intimate watercolors as well as essays by Audrey Wollen, L.D. Deutsch, and Mark Iosifescu.

Over the past decade, artist Emma Kohlmann has harnessed the expressive possibilities of watercolor to develop an astonishing and intimate practice. In the resounding fluidity of her paintings, Kohlmann maps the lineaments and concavities of embodied moments with exquisite sensitivity, celebrating a sensuality freed from analysis and disabusing gender and the human body of their exhausted mythologies. Containing hundreds of selections from 2011 to 2021, during which Kohlmann crafted countless works on paper using sumi-e ink washes and other techniques, Emma Kohlmann: Watercolors is a survey of an artist working intuitively to generate representative possibilities that are playfully otherworldly and resolutely, thrillingly free.

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