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Volodymyr Makarenko - Paintings / ISBN 9780578120942 / A 200-page hardcover, about 8.5 x 11.5 inches, published by Artfira Gallery


Volodymyr Makarenko - Paintings studies 45 creative years of Volodymyr Makarenko, a Ukrainian modernist artist who has been living in Paris since 1981. The book illustrates over 150 paintings and drawings by Makarenko from 1962 up to the most recent works.

Makarenko chose a freedom of artistic expression over a comfortable lifestyle of socialist realism painter in the former Soviet Union. Whether Makarenko lived in St. Petersburg, Tallinn, or Paris, he has always been a Ukrainian artist inspired by national style and ornaments, inspired by great Ukrainian history and traditions. This publication contains 200 pages, over 150 color illustrations, a number of photographs from personal archive of the artist and forewords by Prof. Daria Darewych, Vita Susak; text by Jean Claude Markade and interview with the artist by Alexander Demko. Illustrated works by Makarenko are from the artist’s collection as well as museum and private collections in the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Ukraine. Ukrainian texts edited by Vasyl Makhno. English text edited by Prof. Daria Darewych. This is a highly anticipated publication for all those who admire and collect works by Volodymyr Makarenko. In English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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