Paris and Elsewhere (NYRB Classics, Used)

Richard Cobb


Paris and Elsewhere by Richard Cobb / ISBN 9781590170823 / 364-page paperback from New York Review of Books Classics

Used copy, light shelfwear only.


Perhaps no one loves France as much as the English--at least some of the English--and Richard Cobb, the incomparable Oxford historian of the French Revolution, was a passionate admirer of the country, a connoisseur of the low dive and the flophouse, as well as a longtime familiar of the quays of Paris and the docks of Le Havre and Marseille. Collecting memoirs, portraits of favorite haunts, appreciations of Simenon and Queneau, Rene Clair and Brassai, and including the famous polemic "The Assassination of Paris," Paris and Elsewhere shows us a France unglimpsed by tourists.

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