Pitch Dark (NYRB Classics, Used)

Renata Adler


Pitch Dark by Renata Adler / ISBN 9781590176146 / 168-page paperback from New York Review of Books Classics

Used copy, light shelfwear only.


A strange, thrilling novel about desperate love, paranoia, and heartbreak by one of America's most singular writers.

“What’s new. What else. What next. What’s happened here.”

Pitch Dark is a book about love. Kate Ennis is poised at a critical moment in an affair with a married man. The complications and contradictions pursue her from a house in rural Connecticut to a brownstone apartment in New York City, to a small island off the coast of Washington, to a pitch black night in backcountry Ireland.

Composed in the style of Renata Adler’s celebrated novel Speedboat and displaying her keen journalist’s eye and mastery of language, both simple and sublime, Pitch Dark is a bold and astonishing work of art.

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