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Plaza by Yokoyama Yuichi, an English-language edition translated by Ryan Holmberg and published by Living the Line Books / a large 240-page paperback, 8.25 x 11.5 inches 


"Art and literature historians of the future will be flabbergasted that Yokoyama Yuichi existed in our time. He is a visionary on the level of William Blake. PLAZA is a parade of invention, set to the beat of turning pages." — Dash Shaw

"A dazzling sensory barrage of speeding lines and swoops! Witness the torrent of joyous spectacle, the inner workings of a cosmic parade machine!"— Lale Westvind

Matt Seneca in the Comics Journal: "This book feels like a beautiful map of unfamiliar territory written in a foreign language - flummoxing to be sure, but an artifact to be prized nonetheless."

Living the Line Books is proud to present the latest and greatest from avant-garde manga artist Yokoyama Yuichi!

Bigger, bolder, and louder than ever before, neo-manga artist Yokoyama Yuichi is back in English with PLAZA! Inspired by Carnaval in Brazil, PLAZA offers a maniacal extravaganza of marching, dancing, leaping, firing, cheering, smashing, and exploding over the course of 225 eye-and-eardrum-confounding pages. Originally published in Japan in 2019, this oversize English edition of PLAZA brings to full, hyper-animated life the spectacular graphic art of this genre-defying work of avant-garde comics.

This English-language edition of PLAZA, translated by noted manga scholar Ryan Holmberg, also includes the most extended and informative interview with the artist to date.

Not only is PLAZA Yokoyama's loudest book, it is also one of his largest! At 8.25" x 11.5", this oversize tome will bombard you with every detail of PLAZA's eyeball-smashing glory.

Yokoyama is the author of Travel, New Engineering, Color Engineering and Garden (all published by PictureBox). He was the subject of a one-man show at The Kawasaki City Museum in 2010, and has exhibited in galleries and museums in Tokyo, Singapore, Rome and San Francisco. He lives and works in the suburbs of Tokyo.

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