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Tales from Grimm, translated and illustrated by Wanda Gág / ISBN 9780816649365 / 256 page paperback, 110 b/w illustrations (some full page but most in-text), a reprint from University of Minnesota Press


Wanda Gág’s captivating interpretations of Grimm’s fairy tales

"So intelligently chosen and edited, and translated with so much simplicity and humor, that the collection should become a classic. Wanda Gág’s illustrations are, of course, distinguished and completely in the fairy-tale spirit."— New Yorker

Renowned children's book author Wanda Gág presents classic Grimm tales, accompanied by whimsical illustrations. Drawing on her peasant heritage and childlike sense of wonder, Gág translated the fairy tales in a uniquely American vernacular tongue.

In Tales from Grimm we find Gág's touch on timeless stories like “Hansel and Gretel,” “The Musicians of Bremen,” “Rapunzel,” and others.

"No other editions of Grimm’s fairy tales for children can match Gág’s richness of prose and the humor, beauty, and sheer magic of her pictorial interpretation."— Edmonton’s Child

"One must be grateful to Wanda Gág for this rendering of Grimm’s tales in language and illustrations that bring them within the reach of younger children, yet lose nothing of their rich peasant flavor. The tales are well selected for young reading, and the irresistible humor of the drawings is itself excellent antidote to the black magic of the stories."— Josette Frank, Child Study Association

"Her body of children’s books is not large, but each title is a treasure, done in her instantly recognizable style."--Horn Book Magazine

Best known for her Newbery Honor winner Millions of Cats, Wanda Gág (1893–1946) was a pioneer in children’s book writing, integrating text and illustration. Born in New Ulm, Minnesota, she rose to international acclaim. In recognition of her artistry, she was posthumously awarded the 1958 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award for Millions of Cats and the 1977 Kerlan Award for her body of work.

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