Vertige - Helge Reumann and Gunnar Lundkvist

United Dead Artists


Vertige by Helge Reumann and Gunnar Lundkvist, published by United Dead Artists in France / ISBN 9782375430170 / 44 pages, 10.25 x 6.75 inches, saddled-stiched / no text


Gunnar Lundkvist's depressed cat Klas Katt is plunged into the universe of Swiss artist Helge Reumann.

Helge Reumann (born 1966) is a Swiss artist, drawer, illustrator and designer. He founded the collective Elvis Studio in 1996. He was awarded Bern's Federal Prize for Applied Arts in 1998 and Töpffer Prize for Bagarre in 2002.

Gunnar Lundkvist (born in 1958) is a Swedish cartoonist, best known for his character Klas Katt. He lives and works in Stockholm.

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