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National Gallery Prague


Viktor Pivovarov: Moscow Gothic / ISBN 9788070357767 / 161-page paperback, 8.25 x 10.5 inches, bilingual Czech/English, published by the National Gallery Prague 


Published to coincide a major exibition of paintings and ilustrations at National Gallery Prague, Viktor Pivovarov: Moskow Gothic explores the full range of the artist's prolific career, from the underground art world of Soviet Russia to present-day Prague, through insightful essays, vibrant images, and Pivovarov's own words.

About the exhibit:

Viktor Pivovarov is a creator of worlds. He dreams up mystical worlds, reanimates past worlds, and uncovers hidden worlds. He unlocks doors and peeps through windows into intimate settings and overlooked scenes, in an act voyeuristic and revelatory, mischievous and tender. His paintings and drawings are populated by the “heroes” of our daily life ⁠–⁠ the teapot, the matchbox, the fish in a jar ⁠–⁠ inviting us to look with fresh eyes at the worlds in which we live.


The National Gallery Prague invites you to take a journey through the worlds of Viktor Pivovarov. Named after one of his most enchanting paintings, which brings together the metaphysical world with everyday reality, Moscow Gothic explores key themes in the artist’s work ⁠–⁠ from his childhood home and the mysteries of the past, to eroticism and the grotesque. Through more than two hundred works spanning over fifty years, the exhibition shows the full range of Pivovarov‘s prolific career: with surrealist and conceptual paintings, drawings, and albums, created in Moscow in the 1970s and after his relocation to Prague in 1982; and featuring the premiere of captivating new works. This exhibition is also a rare opportunity to see some of Pivovarov’s most significant paintings, exclusively on loan from Russia.

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